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Returning to travel… and

… the thought of airport lineups, crowded planes, and whole security strip-down gives you the heepy jeebies?  There is another way.

Traveling with Kreos is different.   There are no lineups, crowds, security strip-down search, or sharing the plane with others.  This is private travel.  Private plane. Private lounge.  Different experience.  Just ask your bags.

What happens at KREOS?

You drive up to our front door.  You step out of your car.  You walk into the lounge.  What about social distancing….  Most of the time you would have the space to yourself.  But on the rare occasions that you need to share, you will have a section of the lounge dedicated just to you and your co-travellers.  And not by having little bits of tape of the floor.  We can do better than that.

We also have a slew of cleaning protocols and contact tracing in place. (click here for details).  There will also be someone following you around wiping everything.  I promise you will not feel like you are being chased by the paparazzi.  They are very nice people.

Next, you are greeted by the pilot – and if you are ready to go, you go.  You walk out to the plane, take your seat, and off you go.  Wait, what about the car?  We park it.  How about your bags?  Remember them.  We will take care of that for you.  Relaxed and carefree.  You only have to focus on one thing – the job at hand.  How do you feel?  It is indescribable.

At KREOS we can promise you three things:

  1. You will never forget the first time.
  2. You will find it hard to describe.
  3. You will do it again.  That is what makes it a first time and not the only time.

In fact, when you travel with Kreos you will be so excited that you will want to tell your friends.  But somehow, when the words come out of your mouth it will feel like it just falls short.  The best way to fix that is to pass their name along to Kreos and tell them they just need to do it.  That way when you come back all excited – you can look at them and just say “I know, right!”.

It is just that special.

We believe the fun part of travel starts before you board...

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