Not every little boy gets to wake up and live his dream.  My dad, Jim, had airplanes as part of his business. I think airplanes are the coolest thing in the world. They are faster than cars, and they give you the opportunity to ride the wind and soar above the ground. Growing up I got to ride with dad and the pilots. I used to think to myself wouldn’t it be cool to become a pilot and fly my dad around.

When I got older, I saw something dad didn’t see. We had a private aircraft company servicing just one client. The little boy inside started to dream again. What if we created a private charter company? What if it was filled with a bunch of people that love airplanes as much as me? What if I could help others experience the same feelings I had?  How awesome would that be! Oh, the places we could go!

On July 11, 2008, I launched Kreos Aviation. A company that focused on old-fashioned customer service and creating opportunities for others that were previously out of reach.  I wanted Kreos to be authentic, provide a valuable service and be all about family.  Dad’s still customer number one, but it feels incredible to share this with the entire province. I get excited every time I talk to anyone that works at Kreos, as they love planes as much as I do.

I’ll always be grateful to my dad for allowing me to follow my dreams. If YOU are still chasing yours, and need to get there and back in time to tuck your children in for the night, then we would be happy to provide you with an office in the sky.

My dad…

Back in the 70’s, when my dad’s chemical business was competing for market share with larger corporations, and he needed to find a way to separate himself.  He was spending too much time on the road and not enough with his family.  Then it hit him! “Why be on the road when I can be in the sky?” 

So he started flying his Cessna 182 aircraft which allowed him to have face to face interactions with customers in every corner of Saskatchewan.  On top of that, he got to be home in time for dinner with me! (and the rest of the family)…  One day, when he looked down at the highway and noticed a semi driving faster than he was flying, he knew it was time for a bigger plane.

I created Kreos to be as authentic and family-centered as my dad raised us to be when we were growing up.  I saw the need for charter services in Saskatchewan along with quality hangar and maintenance operations.  My goal was to allow everyone to be able to fly the way WE do. 

I love planes.  I always have.  The way they sound… The way they smell… And – most of all – the way it feels when you are physically lifted up from the earth and rise above the clouds … it’s a peace like no other. 


We all know time flies. The little boy grew up and landed as the President of PIC Investment Group Inc., which grew out of Dad’s original chemical company – Prairie Industrial Chemicals Ltd. 

PIC Investment Group Inc. provides venture capital investment and hands-on management to help our family of companies grow. Kreos is just one of the child companies in that family. To learn more about our family of investments visit:

I am thrilled my job requires me to fly, because every time I fly, the little boy still gets excited.  

Greg Yuel

P.S. Give Kreos a call, find out just how much you’ll love to fly, and always get home in time for dinner.

We believe family is the most important thing.

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