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oets, authors, and playwrights spin yarns in a futile attempt to evoke the feelings of these moments.  Shakespeare, Shaw, and Frost all toiled to place a finger on the quickened pulse of these firsts, to reconstruct the magic.  But, it’s indescribable.

When you’re asked, “How was it?”, your words fall short.  You would think it’s about the lounge, leather chairs, and time savings.  Like your first kiss, it is more magical than that.  Understanding the difference starts with your first flight.

Your last flight started hours before the drive to the airport.  You may or may not have avoided the parking hassle. You, dragged your bags to the terminal, lined up to check in, and lined up again stripping yourself and your carry-ons down for the search . At the gate you patted yourself down this time for your phone, passport and wallet. Another hour to kill, assaulted by non-stop announcements and the coffee line.  Once the airline was good and ready for boarding, you lined up again for the third or fourth time.  Stop, go, stop, go. Stop. You were finally in a seat, only to wait for departure.  Your work has not even started. How do you feel?  With KREOS it is different.

What happens at KREOS?

You drive up to our front door.  You step out of your car.  You walk into the lounge.  You are greeted by the pilot – and if you are ready to go, you go.  You walk out to the plane, take your seat, and off you go.  Wait, what about the car?  We park it.  How about your bag?  We will take care of that for you.  Relaxed and carefree.  You only have to focus on one thing – the job at hand.  How do you feel?  It is indescribable.

At KREOS we can promise you three things:

    1. You will never forget the first time.
    2. You will find it hard to describe.
    3. You will do it again.  That is what makes it a first time and not the only time.

We believe the fun part of travel starts before you board...