Aircraft rental is a set price. The more passengers, the lower the cost per person.


Routine Roundtrip

Saskatoon – Regina – Saskatoon
Business or Rider Game
Aircraft Rental: $4900*
Approx: 34 minutes

You know the routine, stuck in traffic for hours after the game ends.  Trying to get home after those Rider games can seem like forever!  Imagine what the 34 minute flight could do to change that feeling.  You no longer need to leave so early for the game.  Find up to 8 friends and save yourself the stress and the time.

We have all experienced the dreaded winter trip down to Regina or up to Saskatoon.  The winter storms can wreak havoc on Highway 11 and turn it into a skating rink, forcing you to go 60kmph, making the trip a whole lot longer.  Take the pressure off yourself to drive, and allow us to help you arrive safely.  The 34 min flight takes you above all the snow, and allows you to feel comfortable and confident for your meetings.

We believe that flying commercially is exhausting.

Kreos Regina

Roadtrip Renegade

Regina – Red Deer – Lloydminster – Regina
Aircraft Rental: $14,800*
Approx: 3:15 round trip

The dreaded road trip to see your Alberta clients in the dead of winter no longer needs to take 3 days.  Leave in the morning, back in the evening.  Save yourself the 17 hours of driving, the nights in random hotels, the bad food, the stress of being away from home and the unproductive hours behind the wheel.  Using an aircraft for this type of trip could be more cost effective than hitting the roadways.


Golfing Getaway

Saskatoon- Whitefish
Aircraft Rental: $12,500*
Approx: 3:00 round trip

Avoid the 10 hour drive and let customs come to you.  Kreos can save you 8 hours 30 minutes on this trip!  That’s an entire day on the slopes or 2 more rounds of 18 holes.  Leave after work on Friday, avoid the battle of the busy highway.  Spend the weekend with friends and family, leave Sunday evening and be home before the sun goes down.  You don’t miss a day of work, kids don’t miss a day of school. 

We believe in creating unforgettable memories.


Soaring Ski Trip

Saskatoon – Kelowna
Aircraft Rental: $13,900* (King Air)
Approx: 3:55 in King Air round trip

Grab 7 of your buddies and take a quick trip to the mountains for a weekend. We can carry all your luggage for golfing and skiing and more.  Leave midafternoon on a Friday for a twilight round, or make first tracks in the morning.  You can do all this and be home for dinner on Sunday. 

If the guys went golfing last weekend, it must be time for a ladies weekend.  Take some time to experience the vineyards of Kelowna and area.  Eat, drink and be merry.  Be home in time to tuck your kids in. 

* Pricing provided is an estimate only. Prices subject to change. Please contact us for a quote.

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