We say 15 minutes before departure which gives you time to grab a coffee and relax. However, you are more than welcome to show up and walk on….its your aircraft.

Our King Air 350 can carry a maximum of 9 passengers; however, 8 is more comfortable. There are washrooms aboard each aircraft. Call us for a tour! We’d be happy to show you around.

Kreos charges an hourly rate based on airtime of the aircraft and the type of aircraft. The hourly rate of the King Air is $3300 . This is for the entire aircraft. Aircraft rental is required to be billed to one person/entity. Different fees are added depending on the destination, however its all covered in a transparent quote prior to your departure.

There is lots of room for all sorts of luggage. Bikes, Skis, Snowboards. No extra costs here!

All safety regulations must be followed, but sporting good(s) or guns are allowed as per our Dangerous Good regulations. Call us to find out more.

We believe Hawkins Cheezies are a food group.

Our address is #16 Wayne Hicks Lane. Head north on Koyl Ave from 45th Street West. Click for a MAP.

Kreos has lots of Free parking with plug in capabilities.

All snacks/pop and alcoholic beverages are included in the price of your charter. If you want your favourite pizza or a fresh salad from a hole in the wall cafe, we can have it ordered and delivered to aircraft for you. You tell us, we will make it happen.

There are no long security lines here!

We will work with you or your company to find the easiest method of payment. Credit Card, Debit, Cheque or Money Order all work.

All of our aircraft have washrooms on board.

Our King Air’s fly at about 350 mph and our Jets at about 500 mph. We are generally quicker or about the same flight time as commercial flights.

We would appreciate as much notification as possible, but definitely understand that circumstances arise. We will always work with you to achieve your goals.

That’s the beauty of charter aviation. You control where you go and when you want to arrive. You can go up and down as much as you like. There is no maximum number of landings.

You definitely don’t have to use major airports. Part of our job is to find other airports that may be closer to your hotel/meeting location. Saving you time, being efficient and helping you become a better version of yourself, is what we do.

The aircraft stays with you. If plans change, we want to be there.

Yes. Our customer service desk is available to make all these changes.

Some of our aircraft are equipped with Wifi.  Please talk to us when booking about your options..

Similar to commercial travel, a child begins to take up a seat when they turn 2 years of age.

Our pilots are always monitoring weather forecasts and will make flight plans based upon safety.

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